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Student Athletes of Art

Main Division

The levels of the academy are intended to be progressive; dancers are presented with increasingly challenging steps and combinations as they progress through the levels, and artistry is emphasized.

Students train a minimum of 1.5 hours a week (Level 1,2,3) and up to 10+ hours a week (Levels 6 and 7). Pointe work is introduced in Level 4 and is a part of the curriculum from then on. Just like the company, the school prioritizes treating all dancers as strong athletes, all levels are given conditioning and the older students (Levels 4 and up) are given Pilates reformer classes.


Placement evaluation is required.

Please email or call us for registration.

To request placement for the Main Division please email:

Dress code

UBT official leotard - purchased thru the United Ballet Theatre Academy front desk

#1916c or #1915 Capezio ballet pink tights - purchased thru N'style 

SD16 SoDanca Light Pink Canvas Ballet Flats -

purchased thru N'style

General Guidelines for all ages

Pink Tights should be footed; please do not wear cut-off tights.

All ballet slippers should have elastic straps sewn on securely across the ankles.

Drawstrings should be tied in a knot, trimmed, and tucked into the shoe.

No excess clothing or jewelry should be worn in class.

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