Main Division


The levels of the academy are intended to be progressive; dancers are presented with increasingly challenging steps and combinations as they progress through the levels, and artistry is emphasized. All levels are taught according to the registered Classical Ballet Studies curriculum by Zoica Tovar and Andres Estevez.

Students train a minimum of 1.5 hours a week (Level 1,2,3) and up to 10+ hours a week (Levels 6 and 7). Pointe work is introduced in Level 4 and is a part of the curriculum from then on. Just like the company, the school prioritizes treating all dancers as strong athletes, all levels are given conditioning and the older students (Levels 4 and up) are given Pilates reformer classes.

Placement evaluation is required.

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Student Athletes of Art

To request placement for the Main Division please email:

Dress code

UBT official leotard - purchased thru the United Ballet Theatre Academy front desk

#1916c or #1915 Capezio ballet pink tights - purchased thru N'style 

SD16 SoDanca Light Pink Canvas Ballet Flats -

purchased thru N'style

General Guidelines for all ages

Pink Tights should be footed; please do not wear cut-off tights.

All ballet slippers should have elastic straps sewn on securely across the ankles.

Drawstrings should be tied in a knot, trimmed, and tucked into the shoe.

No excess clothing or jewelry should be worn in class.