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introducing the Gatti Method

Every ballet company begins its day with a ballet class, it is fantastic at teaching technique and coordination. However, Sports & Dance Science shows us that ballet class alone is not enough to recreate the demands of performance. This leaves dancers vulnerable to injury, especially when tired. Most of the injuries dancers get are around the lower limbs and are due to overuse. 

To make sure our Athletes of Art are robust enough for their workload, while still giving ample time for recovery, we find and utilize unique cross-training methods with certified professionals as part of our weekly schedule in conjunction with regular rehearsals. 

Below are some of the ways we train at United Ballet Theatre along with some information on our certified teachers.


United Ballet Theatre is proud to be sponsored by Vertimax, the world's leading athletic training performance equipment. 

At UBT we believe in "resistance rather than load" to excel in the specific athletic demands of ballet dancers today.

Making our partnership with Vertimax highly beneficial to our company.

"Low velocity training like heavy squats build low velocity strength and high velocity training builds high velocity strength. If you are trying to increase high velocity sports performance you need to engage in a light load, high velocity training regimen...The VertiMax technology provides the ability to train at a high velocity with a light load." -

Artistic Director, Joseph Gatti, is VertiMax certified and has implemented cross-training on the system on "Gatti Method" days which are scheduled a couple of times during the work week.

Additionally, UBT has had the pleasure to have Master-Trainer I.T. Antigha work with our Athletes of Art on a number of occasions



United Ballet Theatre is equipped with a full Pilates studio, the Dr. Ronald Frank studio, which includes 4 pilates reformers, a tower, cadillac, and accessories. 

Pilates benefits dancers by enabling them to support their body by improving deep core stability and awareness, learn new movements, and repattern painful ones; with resistance that can either add load, or take it away.


Using the assistance of the springs we can break down movement patterns which may be contributing to the dancers' pain. The key thing is, they can do it while still performing!


Further down the line, the springs can then be set to resist movements. This will challenge the muscles and stability of joints.


Increasing the resistance is a great way of building strength helping your body be injury proof, particularly when you fatigue.


Pilates exercises on the equipment is also another great way for ballet dancers to stretch and strengthen muscles in a safe way.


Guest Trainers

Peter Donohoe

Two time Olympian and three time world-champion, Peter Donohoe brings a blend of strength, movement, activation and performance that’s unique in the training world. A skilled combination that has seen people of all abilities including Olympic athletes and dancers achieve effective and more sustainable results. 

Jaime Fonko Diaz

Creator of "Ballet and Fitness coaching" former San Francisco Ballet School faculty member Mr. Jaime Diaz brings his NASM certification along with his experience as a principal dancer in the National Ballet of Cuba and Boston Ballet to effectively cross-train elite dancers.

Dr. Manuel Soto-Garcia

Dr. Manuel Soto-Garcia was raised in Bedford, Texas. He attained a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology from Midwestern State University. Shortly after, his passion for travel and further education brought him to Port Orange, Florida, where he attended Palmer College of Chiropractic – Florida, attaining his Doctorate and a Post-Doctorate Fellowship in Clinical Neuroscience.


As an experienced board-certified Chiropractic Neurologist, sports performance practitioner, and author. Dr. Soto has developed a comprehensive, individualized approach to health and performance. He applies brain-based therapies in combination with nutrition and exercise medicine to promote health, performance and longevity. 

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