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United Ballet Theatre Academy aims to create dancers with the foundational and artistic skills needed to adapt to the diverse methodologies and styles used by professional ballet companies worldwide, while providing them with the tools to have longer, stronger, healthier, and happier careers.

To expand further on our mission:

Strong technical training guides the instruction of every individual dancer.

Discipline and effort is valued, creating dancers capable of working with any artistic director or dance teacher.

A passion for classical ballet and an appreciation for the history of the art form is cultivated.

Musicality and artistry that conveys emotions and tells stories through movement is fostered.

And just like our company, our students are treated and cared for like athletes.


Children's Division

Classes for children, beginning at age 3 that begin to foster a love for movement while beginning to provide a sound technical foundation.

Enrollment registration is open year-round.


Main Division

Classes for students who may be interested in pursuing a professional career in dance. In this division, students will attend classes regularly, leading up to training en pointe, Gatti Method, Pilates, and partnering to develop the discipline expected of professional ballet dancers.

*Students will be placed in levels based on evaluation class. 

Enrollment registration is open year-round.

Drop In classes are available, please email for information.


Summer Program

Experience training like an Athlete of Art.


Summer Intensive: July 8 - August 3

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